The founder and President of the Gullotta House charity, Matthew Gullotta, grew up in Tarrytown/North Tarrytown, N.Y. and has resided in Ossining, N.Y. for the past 23 years.

Over the years, he developed strong ties throughout the Westchester County community and, as a survivor of many hardships from his childhood to recent years, Mr. Gullotta is devoted to bringing relief to families in difficult times.

  • In 1974 a fire in Tarrytown wiped out all of his family’s belongings but not their will. They slept in Marymount College’s halls for two weeks. Many landlords declined to rent to a family with five kids, until a friend of the family offered an apartment.
  • Mr. Gullotta’s mother made her way to a family services office in a snowstorm, with five children in tow and a missing boot which had gotten lost in the snow. She was turned away.  The representative said to her “your family made too much money last year; sorry you don’t qualify.”
  • Matthew, his wife Cinthia and his son were each confronted with a number of difficult medical conditions. Each bout of illness required several surgeries, and each led to financial hardship.

With the economic downturn and job opportunities scarce, Mr. Gullotta started Gullotta House as a means to an end.  Today he fully appreciates his success and wants to pay it forward to others.

Matthew Gullotta’s fundraising experience

Mr. Gullotta possesses a wealth of fundraising experience as a result of years of involvement with non-profit organizations. He appreciates the level of commitment required by its members to be successful. Mr. Gullotta exemplifies honesty, fairness, and loyalty and is highly regarded as a man of resolve and sincerity within the Westchester Community.

Says Mr. Gullotta:

After hitting the worst financial hardship due to extreme, unexpected medical situations, we were able to get some relief, but after our income passed the eligible amount we were denied. Thank goodness for Ossining CAP (part of WestCOP) and Family Ties of Westchester for providing respect, compassion, food and scholarships to ease my family’s pain. If Gullotta House can offer the precious gift of respect and the ability to spend more time with one’s family, and gives residents the ability to give back to their community while building on new and existing relationships, it is a WIN-WIN.”
Matt is grateful to the Board of Directors for their direction and the Community Advisors for their advocacy.