The Landmark Diner had long been a fixture in the Ossining community for decades.  It served as a venue for Sunday brunches, business lunches, and an after-hours hang out for Ossining High School students.  Owner, Aristidis Thanos had been a frequent contributor to our efforts.  When the diner burned to the ground with a sudden fire in August 2019, not only was this vibrant restaurant wrested from the community, but also a dozen employees were suddenly without a job.  Within a week of the tragic fire, Gullotta House organized a fund raiser in Nelson Park gathering some $14,300 that went entirely to the affected workers.  It is the generosity of the community that allow us to respond to inopportune moments of need.  Consider donating to Gullotta House, giving to specific impromptu events, or to the campaigns we repeat annually.  Be sure to keep apprised of possible re-opening of this historic diner here.

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