Thank you to all our community members who took the 2022 plunge and to all the donors who sponsored these brave participants! With your help Gullotta House was able to meet our goal and raise over $45,000 with 78 Plungers.   

This was the first year that we hosted the plunge into the Hudson River at two locations in a friendly competition to see which of SLEEPY HOLLOW or OSSINING would raise the most for the charity plunge. Sleepy Hollow came out on top, winning a trophy and a scholarship for the Sleepy Hollow recreation program. Here is the final tally: 

Ossining – $22,860 donations44 Plungers 

Sleepy Hollow – $23,007 donations – 34 Plungers 

Our 2022 Dedicated Plungers: 

      1. Miss NY Syndey Park “Representing at Home” all the Best Sydney.
      2. Sleepy Hollow Head Football Coach Mr. Jerry Jr Flora
      3. Father Elvin; St. Ann’s Church
      4. 4. David Tubiolo Westchester County Legislature District 14
      5. Ossining Town Supervisor Dana Levenberg
      6. Sleepy Hollow /Tarrytown Chamber of Commerce President Laura Rey Iannarelli.
      7. Greater Ossining Chamber of Commerce President Dr. Gayle Marchica
      8. Team Titanic – Jessica Silver Rogers
      9. 9. Laura Ramsey
      10. Team T.U.F.S.D Keri DiLascio
      11. 11. Mark White
      12. 12. Jean O’ Brien
      13. 13.Lara Vivolo!!
      14. Devin Kapica & Mr. Dreaves Clairmont Asst. Principal -OLLF
      15. Luis Vargas
      16. Pink team Robin Taradash Bednarcik
      17. Red Team- Woody
      18. Schlitz
      19. TURBO 19b, Beaker 19c, Peter Bartlett Team Crazy
      1. Audrey Kaufmann
      2. Brent Gamble
      3. Dan Young
      4.  Joseph Cavallo
      5. John G Crawford
      6. Anthony Pullissio
      7. Nicole Spruck; Spruck Team LHLF
      8. Loretta London
      9.  Jessica Mejias; Team Los Andes Bakery
      10.  Irene Amato Amato – S.A.P. Mortgage jumping Michael
      11.  Kelly Gannon
      12.  Team Girl Scout Julia Gannon
      13.  De Joy
      14. Daniel Monte Ocasio
      15. Matthew Howard Team Tasty Table
      16. Team R.T.A. Kyle Muth 
      17. Aniello Ricchiuti
      18. Cesar Callan
      19. Tony Gullotta
      20. Matthew Gullotta
      21. Amilia Gullotta
      22. Matt Gullotta
      23. Matt McAllister
      24. David Schofield
      25. David Aguirre
      26. Team Sun Blue Chris Hale
      27. Logan Hale
      28. Sloane Hale
      29. Kersten Harries
      30. Team JAG-ONE Ivo Fernandez
      31. Irena Gazda
      32. Concetta Viggiani
      33. Chris Forella
      34. Elizabeth Turker
      35. Dave G
      36. Peter Strom
      37. Trustee Omar Lopez
      38. ROB Capri & Pasta Ossining
      39. Team Croton Dodge- Jason Giordano
      40. Team Mike Risko Music with Mike
      41. Schuyler
      42. Adam
      43. Mike Risko Music; Tyler V.
      44. Robert Lustyik
      45. Team HR on the Move; Tim Stewart