Join Gullotta House at the Ossining waterfront for our annual Escape from Sing Sing Plunge scheduled Saturday, February 15th, 2020. SAVE THE DATE!!! So far, we have the following plunge participants ready to dive into icy waters of the Hudson River for this fundraising effort:
·         Matthew Gullotta
·         Matt Gullotta
·         Dana Levenberg
·         Irene Amato
·         Kelly Gannon
·         John Crawford
·         Kemi Pouge
·         Andre Gerathy
·         Anthony Pullissio
·         Amilia Gullotta
·         Amato Peace
·         Silvia Beale
·         Anthony Gullotta
·         Anna Guzman
·         Dan Young
·         Jojo Romero
·         Joe Morrissey
·         Schlitz
·         Cristian Saeteros
·         ROBIN GOODE
·         Indians Village Delores
·         Joyce Kelly-Luttkus
·         John Galeno
·         Team – Polish Community School of Mahopac
·         Team – AAA Nolan’s Auto Body and Collision – James Scipioni
·         Team – The Briarcliff Manor
·         Team – St Ann’s – Ossining -Father Elvin, Justin Cruz, Chris Quizhpi, Alex Sanchez, Justin Cabrera, Byron Urbina
·         Team – Jag One Physical Therapy
·         Team – The Brielle Sky Foundation
·         Team – Tasty Table – Daniel Ocasio, Matt Howard
·         Team – Lucy’s Pizza – Anthony Aguilar
·         Team – PROJECT 105
·         Team – Crazy – Michelle H, Pam F, Peter B, Freddy C
·         Team – Splash Toes and Paws – Maria Alleluia with my Dog, Lorenzo, Joe Moyik
·         Team – Gee – Wayne Mahood, Devin Kapica, Ben Mahood, Chris Seim, Michael Lustyik
·         Team – Prescription Center of OSSINING

Sign up to sponsor any one or more of our heroes above by clicking through to their donation campaign. Alternatively, join our merry bunch and get your friends to cheer you on, contribute to your campaign, and pass you some hot chocolate to warm you up when you come back on shore. 
There are many wonderful charities in Westchester to patronize. Through our own experience, we know that too many of them are restricted from helping residents when the prior year’s W-2 statement exceeds a certain income level. While there are instances when that guideline makes sense, there are many when it is entirely too restrictive. In particular, when beset by debilitating illness or sudden job loss, especially when there are no savings, a family in need is in need. Gullotta House was founded in 2015 to help any Westchester resident facing a hardship – regardless of income. 

Some highlights over the past four years:
·         Served over 1,000 meals at our monthly Third Thursday Dinner in Tarrytown
·         Donated over 1,000 Turkey for Thanksgiving birds
·         Brought over 1,500 kids to sports event at the Westchester County Center
·         Raised over $14,000 in response to the Landmark Diner being burned down
Last year, we raised $11,000 at our 2019 Escape from Sing Sing Plunge. Do you want to take the plunge or sponsor our bravest residents? You can contribute as an individual or join our roster of business sponsors.
Our fundraising goal is to exceed $15,000 and 50 participants towards helping Westchester families facing a hardship, regardless of income.

Each plunge registrant is tasked with raising a minimum of $100. For those participants who attract sponsorships or donations in excess of $125, they’ll get to memorialize their plunge with a long sleeve event shirt.

Not to be outdone, we have sponsorships targets for contributors and local businesses:
1- $50 Friend of Gullotta House; Facebook Shout out
2- $250 Facebook logo ad in paper
3- $500 Facebook logo ad in paper and up to 3 minutes talk about business at Plunge
4- $1,000 All the above, logo on shirt, and company sign at Event.

Please email your teams, businesses, or individual details to
To sponsor this event or a person click  There are other volunteer opportunities for this or other fundraising events undertaken by Gullotta House throughout the year.
Just like last year, everyone must wear sneakers or water shoes and sign a waiver. Costumes are not only allowed but also encouraged. We are taking pictures and videos to celebrate this 2020 fundraising kick off.

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